Food for Thought

What is Love?

What is love? baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more… 😀

The first thing that comes to mind when someone asks me the question is this song. It’s just the never ending love for music. What is love, if not a mixed feeling? What is love, if not positive energy? What is love, if not Everything?

Love need not come from a person. It’s a mere feeling. A feeling of joy and sorrow. Love isn’t constant. We all have gone through that phase, the phase of being in love, losing hopes, giving up and making up your mind to stay away from love.

It’s advised not to cross oceans for someone who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you.

But guess what,

Do it! Cross oceans for people. Love people, all people. Irrespective of how anybody is. Spread love. Spread happiness. Don’t bother about whether its worth all the effort. Someone has said as a matter of fact, Love and life is not about what you gain, it’s all about what you give.

Be the reason for someone’s smile. The happiness of giving is much more than what you anticipate. Just spread joy and love. You can be the reason someone has a happy memory.

-live_breathe_survive 🙂

Food for Thought

Forgive and Forget, Easy Peasy??

Forgive and Forget. Easy to say but sure as hell not as easy as it sounds.

Sometimes, it becomes so difficult to forgive certain people. We don’t sometimes realize what we put ourselves through in the process of forgiving someone or forgetting a particular incident.

We all have some toxic people in our lives. Two faced people scare me more than anything or anyone. The face of a friend and  the act of an enemy can shred our trust. Trust once broken cannot be rebuilt. All of us must have gone through an experience of that sort.

I have made mistakes, many mistakes, in the years I’ve lived. At a point of time, I couldn’t forgive myself for doing certain things. In that phase of life, when you hate yourself and don’t know how to correct your mistakes, you are left hanging in a situation of self-loathe. People around you do not even sometimes realize what you are going through. You always see people having perfect lives and keep wondering what you did wrong in life.

That is when we want a hand. Someone who holds on to you. Many of us are not as lucky as most. We are left all by ourselves. One thought should always come in our minds. We are here because we are meant to be. Another factor we have to understand is that, a helping hand is what we want, not what we need. We can be our own saviors.

Believe, things will change. There’s good to every bad.

-live_breathe_survive 🙂

Food for Thought

Are you Fighting for the Religion you Never Chose?

Religion has always been a matter of conflict rather than faith or unity. One differentiates the other based on religion. Being born in a country like India, I was thrown into an environment with people belonging from different cultures and religions.

“Religion is a cow. It gives milk, but it also kicks.” said Buddha. I remember my uncle shunning another religion, claiming them all to be terrorists. I always grew around Muslims and never saw any harm in it either.


Why do we fight? why all the conflict? Have we asked ourselves how much an arrogant comment influences the society? Spoken words cannot be taken back.

The world needs to be educated. Petty ideas needs to be changed. Religion was made by man, but humanity was left in man by God. Its on us whether we want to choose humanity over religion or the other way round.

Life is short. Why don’t we live in harmony, together. We need to ask ourselves. It’s high time we confront our ideologies and take a step forward to do something beneficial for the society.

Judging a person solely based on the religion they were born in? we need to think again. We end up fighting for something that wasn’t even ours to choose, but given to us while in our parents womb.

Think again. Religion over humanity or humanity over religion?

-live_breathe_survive 🙂

Food for Thought

Why Search for a Saviour?

“I am in a toxic relationship.”

“I can’t understand my mind anymore.”

“I don’t want to change but I can’t be the same.”

“I feel like myself no more.”


I kept hearing things like these, every time I talked to someone close to me. One thing that I learnt from life was that it gives you ample of time to understand yourself, do something for yourself and get rid of toxins.

Life comes with a sack of second chances, so much so that every day you live is a second chance. A second chance to be better than what you were yesterday. Everyone has a different story. Everyone has their own struggle.

I have come across so many smiling faces that hide tears. Hope is one thing that gives a million reasons for one to fight. Don’t think that you are the only one burdened with every pain. Everyone carries a cross, an invisible one. How they balance it is on them.

You are unique. You have no idea how your smile can inspire some one who needs one to live. Also, solitude is addictive. Try spending time with yourself

Be soft, kind and loving. But also take nobody’s shit – ‘somebody with a good sense of humour’ 😀

Live for yourself, make yourself happy. You are your true savior.

-live_breathe_survive 🙂


‘That Stranger in a Burqa’

She entered the bus; her eyes caught me off board. I was left mesmerized. (just so that I don’t sound creepy, I have a weird eye fetish 😉 That’s the first thing that I notice in a person). Beautiful was an understatement.


My usual bus ride to college had an interesting twist that day as a girl in burqa entered the bus. The laziness induced in me due to the amazingly cool weather seemed to have disappeared in seconds as I saw her eyes. She caught me gawking and sat on the seat next to me. Neither of us began a conversation.

Sometime later I heard her voice; she was talking to someone, urgency evident in the tone. She kept saying ‘please’. I turned and looked at her. To my surprise I saw a drop of tear fall off those eyes. Her face was completely covered leaving only the teary eye visible. I felt her shudder and shiver. She sobbed desperately. Silent cries escaped her lips.

Meanwhile, I was confused. I did not know what to do. But then as the intensity of her tears increased I couldn’t help talking to her. “Please don’t cry” I requested. With the entire ruckus in the crowded bus she hardly heard what I said. “Excuse me, did you say something?” she asked. Her question kind of got me tensed up. In all my nervousness I said, “I don’t know anything about you, but nothing in the whole world could be worth your tears, whatever it is, it’ll pass. I don’t expect you to tell me anything either. Please don’t cry.”

She gave me a quizzed but surprised expression. Her tears stopped flowing. She settled back and I left a sigh of relief. My station arrived and as I excused myself to leave she said “thank you.” For once I felt I did something right.

After that incident I never saw her again until two days back. Again I was on the bus that she boarded. I saw those familiar eyes and I knew that it was her, the same girl I saw two years back on a random day. She saw me and waved her hands at me. Her eyes were glowing, it seemed like she was smiling. Those happy eyes spoke a million words.

I don’t know how this incidence would be of any significance to anyone, but I realized one thing out of this. Everyone needs a comforting word when they are down. I do not know anything about her, hell! I don’t even know what she looks like. It’s only her eyes that have been retained in my memory.

Be the comfort you would want to get someday.

Be the love you never received! ❤


Hey! What’s this blog about?

Every story has had an affect on my life. Many people stepped in and out of my life, but some thing or the other about them had influenced my life. every picture I see depicts a story.

I hope some of the stories that’s put up has a positive effect on you all. Life is perfect for nobody. It’s all about trial and errors. Life is worth living. Finding perfections in all the imperfections, that’s the route to happiness.

Stay raw. Kick some ass 😉